In family life, shouting rescued from the boredom and bring together spouses psychologist

В семейной жизни громкие ссоры спасают от скуки и сближают супругов – психолог

In family life, quarrels rescued from the boredom.

About it psychologists say, reports ГолосUA.

As to the rules, spouses are not aware that verbal conflict is something from the category of adventure, which may end with a reconciliation, but can lead to more acute feelings and separation. In any case, the fight brings some variety to routine events.

In this quarrel, as we know, can indeed lead to rupture if the spouses begin to “threaten” divorce, “pick up the kids and go to mom”, and become personal, using the word “all”, “all”, generalizing and exaggerating.

Nevertheless, if able to translate quarrel in a constructive way, not immediately blaming your partner (because this is what you allowed to happen the different events, decisions), the argument can strengthen the emotional bond between spouses.

It is important during an argument to make “I messages” to quarrel is not turned into a fight and separated you completely, “I know”, “I feel”, “I think”, “I feel angry” “I am annoyed (irritated)”.

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