In Finland, a man gave birth to another man’s child

The sex of the baby new parents press reported.

У Фінляндії чоловік народив дитину від іншого чоловіка

A Finnish citizen named John was formerly a woman, but a few years ago he changed his sex and obtained documents showing that his current gender is male. This fact did not prevent John becoming the first ever representative of the stronger sex, gave birth to a child from a partner, reports Rus.Media.

Replacing the floor, which went down in history a citizen of Finland began to actively consume hormones to fully complete his transformation into a man. But last year, John stopped the course, deciding on a partner to have a child. As a result, the first in the history begat a representative of the stronger sex came baby weighing 4 kgs and growth of 53 centimetres. The sex of the baby new parents press reported.

You know, the kid has a great appetite and doesn’t bother with John’s bad behaviour.

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