In Finland, the man was able to carry and give birth to healthy child

В Финляндии мужчина смог выносить и родить здорового ребенка

In Finland, the first recorded case of a child begotten by a man. This writes the Lännen Media.

Born a child the man was up to this woman, but went through the process of gender reassignment and a half years ago received the documents proving his identity. Together with a partner he decided to interrupt hormonal therapy to get pregnant.

The pregnancy itself was successful. Give birth to a child he had at the beginning of March, but it happened a few weeks later.

“The baby’s weight is almost 4 kg, growth – 53 centimetres. The last few weeks were the most difficult: then the humor started to dry up. However, the birth went quite well,” said the young father.

According to parents, they are faced with bureaucratic obstacles in the hospital and in prenatal care. Medical electronic systems would not recognize a situation in which the person who is expecting a baby, set the social identification number of the men.

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