In France tobacco shops have started to sell btcom

All through the fact that the French began to smoke less.

У Франції тютюнові магазини почали продавати біткоін

In France began to sell btcore in tobacco shops. Cryptocurrency plan to sell six thousand points. In order to acquire btcomm, you need to buy a special coupon, which is from 50 to 150 euros. While they sell “cue” only in six stores. The initiators of the introduction of the service claim that the sale of cryptanalytic offline will increase the credibility of bitkoo and increase demand for it, informs Rus.Media.

Buy btcom, at the same time taking cigarette, is simple: once purchased a special coupon, you need to visit the official website Keplerk and pass on instructions to obtain btcond.

Store administration assures that prescribed all the necessary steps to obtain cryptanalytic.

Due to the decline in demand for cigarettes, many tobacco retailers are losing profit, so they need to look for other niches for profit and they start trading gadgets and appliances. To sell coupons on bdoy in France: this activity allowed one of the local banks.