In Germany, sew a new “Skripal”. Facts do not matter

В Германии шьют новое "дело Скрипаля". Факты роли не играют

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Germany is actively promoting a new “Skripal”. And all in the same style hilyard likly. Noise for the high-profile murder, which took place in Berlin in August. But inflated it to the level of an international scandal just now, right before an important meeting in “Norman format”, scheduled to take place on 9 December in Paris. Something tells me it’s not a coincidence.Recall the circumstances. August 23, in the Park, located in Moabite, one of the Central districts of Berlin, a few blocks from the building of the Bundestag, a few shots (including control head) was killed 40-year-old Georgian citizen Zelimkhan khangoshvili, a native of the Pankisi gorge (Georgia district, traditionally inhabited by ethnic Chechens). The police soon found in the river near the scene of the murder of a Glock pistol with a silencer. And in hot pursuit detained a suspect, presumably, 48-year-old citizen of Russia.
In Germany, there are many legal restrictions regarding the announcement of the names of people suspected of offences. However, in this case the press did not restrain himself, promptly inform the name of the suspect: Vadim A. Sokolov. Similar to the “case Skrypalia” also emerged immediately. But unlike the British police German law enforcement authorities did not hurry with the publication of their assumptions.And then, as was the case with Kripalani, and in the case of the downed “Boeing” proved to be a structure, whose insights always possible to calculate in advance — they are so similar and standard in accusing Russia. Traditionally made pair of simultaneous interpreters — a group Bellingcat website, and The Insider. Closer to Paris the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel, they issued a series of materials in which it was alleged that the murderer is a Vadim Krasikov, previously declared wanted in Russia on suspicion in murder of the businessman. Bellingcat and his associates have repeatedly caught on, to put it mildly, manipulation and fakes. But that did not stop the Western press immediately picked up this “investigation” and to link the murder of some “Russian special services”.Unfortunately, succumbed to this and the General Prosecutor of Germany, which in his statement, has actually reproduced the materials planted these private “investigators”. In the same terms. The document of the Prosecutor General reiterates the findings of the Bellingcat that Krasikov “could not get fake documents in the name of Sokolov without the assistance of the Russian authorities”. It is only the forces of “bureaucratic and security apparatus”.
Based on these findings, the presence of fake documents, a priori, implies the involvement of the owner to the security services. However, even Bellingcat asks a reasonable question: how the falcons got a Schengen visa at the Consulate of France, if he could not confirm their existence? It would be logical to doubt the fact of what kind of services involved. But all know wrestlers have a anti-Russian front there should be no doubt about the purpose of the perpetrator — it could be just the Kremlin. Under any circumstances.By the way, anybody don’t seem to mind the fact that he killed khangoshvili was in Germany under his own name, and as a Tornike Kavtarashvili. The passport in that name he received in Tbilisi. Why would this fact not to investigate on the subject of his involvement in some secret service?But here we come to mass, “why?” associated with the identity of the victim. But their press is trying not to mention.If we read German and other Western publications, we killed only a few modest facts, saying that he fought in Chechnya on the side of “anti-rebels” and, therefore, was “an opponent of Vladimir Putin”. According to the authors of numerous articles, mention the names of the Russian President in the title is enough to make readers questions about the customer of murder have disappeared by themselves. Then they try not to delve into the biography khangoshvili. And that will reveal the facts about which the Western people it would be better not to know.
German media give photos of dead in the company of terrorists Aslan Maskhadov and Shamil Basayev, considering them proof of guilt Russia, saying, avenge his involvement in gangs. As a man with such a dark past, of which even the Germans themselves called Islamist, appeared in Germany in the status of the applicant for political asylum under a false name?This question was not asked. And the answer is no.By the way, the Georgian special services do not hide that khangoshvili worked for them and even their American counterparts, gathering dirt on the Chechen Diaspora abroad. Somehow all sorts of “billingcity” this valuable information missing, and that in fact the suspects from expanding, given the number of people he passed various security services.Do not particularly remember the German media and what khangoshvili was known in Georgia and Chechnya. But it’s worthy of googling and it turns out that his name is still publicly linked to a special operation of the Georgian troops for the destruction of Chechen fighters Lopatka gorge in August 2012. There were killed dozens of Islamists, including local residents, citizens of Georgia. Khangoshvili then acted as the negotiator on behalf of the Georgian side. And, as recognized by some Wahhabis, they “to his questions” after that. Simply put, people associated with the victims of showdown in Lopota, there is a suspicion (possibly justified) that khangoshvili and started the Chechen rebels in the Georgian trap. Then he began the hunt: he survived several (according to some, four) attempts in Tbilisi. And for some strange reason nobody was in a hurry to investigate. I wish the Western media (again) to wonder why.
By the way, fellow countrymen and relatives khangoshvili directly say that immediately after the Berlin murder suspect namely those associated with the operation Lopatka gorge. But thanks to the German press, “the suspicion is gone.”By the way, any mention of the involvement khangoshvili to the bloody history 2012 Western critics of the Kremlin are extremely nervously, stating that the version about revenge of Chechen militants “contrary to the facts and logic”.That is obvious by itself version seems to the Western audience as “conspiracy”. Someone seems more logical an incredible idea that Putin sends therefore the German leadership of a black mark to leave him alone, “giving him carte Blanche for the continuation of Imperial expansion”. Judge for yourself, is it possible to continue expansion without killing someone in the center of Berlin?Of course, you should not act like the tabloids of Germany and the more different to fans in “investigations” with foregone conclusions, and because it is impossible to deny one version of what happened in Moabite. But, of course, the version of retaliation by the militants, which the victim handed over and betrayed (according to his bio, he’d been doing it repeatedly), it looks a priority. Because of that, she did not like the Western press is trying to hide from the layman some details from the biography khangoshvili.
It is a pity that the hype had an impact on the German authorities, who had sent two Russian diplomats “in connection with an insufficient level of assistance to Russian parties in the investigation of the murder of citizen of Georgia”. And to Express the hope that Berlin will not give in on further anti-Russian provocations, which in this case will be many more.Vladimir Kornilov

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