In Germany successfully tested air taxis

В Германии успешно протестировали воздушное электротакси

Near Munich, in the German city is Oberpfaffenhofen, tested prototype flying five-seater taxis, reports TASS.

The unit has successfully launched a startup Lilium. According to company founder Daniel Wiegand, model, weighing 1.5 tons went up and spent some time in the air. It is planned that in the future will be made and level flight.

It is assumed that such “flying” taxi 2025 can be seen in at least two cities in Germany. The unit is equipped with 36 electric motors. This will allow him to accelerate to 300 km/h and fly for one hour.

In plans of developers to create their own system of booking of flights. At the same time sell the device to private individuals is not envisaged. Use air vehicles will be to transport passengers at taxi prices.

Earlier, the European aircraft manufacturing concern Airbus has experienced urban air taxis CityAirbus. The tests took place in the German Donauwörth. The device several times launched into the air and planted to the ground. All tests were deemed successful. It is expected that soon will test it in free flight. Airbus has developed an air taxi for four years. The project resembles a large drone, capable of carrying up to four people offline.