In Germany the school was not given a certificate because of a debt of €3 for lunch

В Германии школьнице не выдали аттестат из-за долга в €3 за обед

In Germany, the school refused to issue a certificate for the courses because of the debt for lunch. It is reported by the Emder Zeitung.

In Emden 17-year-old schoolgirl Lena Uhart has not issued a certificate of passing the first grade two years of study in the field of social pedagogy. The reason was the debt in the amount of €3 for a festive lunch.

Most interesting is that the girl didn’t even attended the celebratory Banquet, where through WhatsApp she was invited by the teacher.

The girl’s mother, Stephanie went to the Secretariat of the institution, however, it said that the Secretary has no authority to issue the certificate.

Moreover, the teacher who contacted Stephanie, said that payment of debt principal, and a certificate is possible only after the payment of the sum.

Note that in connection with the receipt of the certificate the girl will not be able to continue their studies.
At the moment the incident involved the Board of education of the province of lower Saxony.

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