In Greece discovered a huge Deposit of natural gas

В Греции обнаружено огромное месторождение природного газа

It became known that in Greece, in the South of Crete discovered 10 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

As the local media, a recent study has shown the presence of huge deposits of natural gas, with a volume of 10 trillion cubic feet or 280 billion cubic meters. According to reports, this is the largest natural gas reserves in Greece.

So, for example, according to Greek newspaper “Ta Nea”, the field was documented by seismic surveys conducted in 2012-2013, the Norwegian company PGS in 2012-2013, the Company PGS were invited by the then Minister of environment and energy Yiannis Maniatis with the aim of obtaining data on the exploration and development of hydrocarbons in Greece. Using the seismic vessel “Nordic Explorer” PGS have done the scan in the Ionian sea and South of Crete, collecting geological data on the area of 225 000 sqm.

The seismic results were offered for sale to potential investors, and about six years ago, the big oil companies rushed to purchase them, studying and making final decisions.

In 2015, Norwegian scientists that has identified a promising Foundation, gave him the name “Talos”.

Talos, with gas reserves of 10 trillion cubic feet located in two offshore concessions “to the West of Crete” and “South-West of Crete”. They were leased to the consortium of companies “Total — ExxonMobil — ELPE”.On the basis of concessions approved in October in the Greek Parliament, the seismic survey will continue up to eight years.

As noted on the page “Greece in Russian/GR” in Fscebook, eight years later, the oil companies will get new seismic data and commence the first drilling to check the above estimates.

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