In Greece, published a document signed by the Patriarch Theodore to the support of the UOC

В Греции опубликовали документ с подписью патриарха Феодора в поддержку УПЦ

Alexandria Patriarch Theodoros II and his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry. Odessa, 2018. Photo: eparhiya.od.uaGreek media believe that the Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria will answer on judgement about the change of its position with respect to the UOC and the “Ukrainian question”.
A copy of the joint communiqué Aleksandriiskogo Patriarch Theodore II and the Primate of the Polish Orthodox Church his Beatitude Metropolitan Sava in support of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, was published by the Greek newspaper “Кatanixi”.

In particular, the document says: “We, the primates of the two local Churches, met on Polish soil, aware of the responsibility for the life of Holy Orthodoxy in the modern world, for peace, unity and the preservation of his dogmatico-canonical order, face challenges facing Orthodoxy in Ukraine, in the spirit of brotherly love to encourage all those who influence the elimination of the Church’s confusion concerning the granting of autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church, to do everything in their power to prevent the threat of conflict and approval of Church order on Ukrainian soil.

Serving the divine Liturgy on the feast of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary, we pray for the unity and peace of the Ukrainian people and at the same time, with brotherly greeting to primates of local Orthodox Churches and to the fullness of Holy Orthodoxy”.

The publication reminded that addressing the Ukrainian people, on 27 September 2018, during your visit to Odessa, the Patriarch of Alexandria said, “a Week ago I was in the Polish Church. Together with Bishop Sava Polish we signed the text that we are close to Ukrainian Orthodox Church. We are close to people who want a peaceful Orthodox Church.”

Journalists “Кatanixi” I believe that the signature of the Patriarch Theodore the document on the support of the UOC will be the fact, “which will check the violation of their words during the judgment day, if he at that time did not repent.”

Previously SPM wrote that the Greek media have published a compilation of the statements of the Patriarch Theodore of the UOC.

В Греции опубликовали документ с подписью патриарха Феодора в поддержку УПЦ

Elena Konstantinova

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