In Hawaii noticed the flower, which was considered completely extinct

На Гавайях заметили цветок, считавшийся полностью вымершим

The staff of the National tropical Botanical garden in Hawaii has discovered a plant that was thought to be extinct from the face of the Earth.

We are talking about the flower called Hibiscadelphus woodii. It was last seen in nature in 2009, and in 2016, made the list of the extinct, according to

The flower grows only on the island of Kauai, and in remote places – usually on hillsides and cliffs. It can reach two to five meters in height.

Experts say that the plant was able to be detected by a drone. The aircraft was used to explore remote and maloprohodimye areas of the island.

Only the genus Hibiscadelphus consists of eight species, six of which are considered extinct. But perhaps they could survive and be discovered in the future, scientists hope.

Earlier it was reported that the Galapagos Islands have discovered a living giant turtle, whose species recognized extinct for over a hundred years ago.