In Hungary, counterfeiting allegations of citizenship opened 370 cases against Ukrainians

As at 28 January 2019 against the Ukrainians who illegally obtained the citizenship of Hungary, was opened 370 cases of investigation, indicted for 156 cases.

В Угорщині за підробку заяв про громадянство відкрили 370 справ проти українців

This was announced by Prosecutor General of Hungary Peter Polti in the official response to the request of the leader of the opposition party “Democratic coalition” (DK) Agnes WADA, informs Rus.Media.

The reply also said that at present is actively conducted 60 investigations, 32 cases are still in the initial stage. Only adjudicated on 108 cases, and only two of them were not yet final.

“Basically, the procedure was started when it appeared that the applicant had received the citizenship without the knowledge of the Hungarian language, and also when the examination on the knowledge of the language gave figurehead,” said Peter Polti.

All violators will be deprived of the citizenship of Hungary, in the Prosecutor’s office said.

Earlier the head of fraction of opposition party “Democratic coalition” (DK) Agnes WADA appealed to the Prosecutor General of Hungary with a request to investigate the case against the Ukrainians, who received Hungarian citizenship by fraud, and issued in Hungary a false registration.

Shortly before the parliamentary elections in Hungary several politicians from DK also reported that in the Eastern part of the country was a lot of Ukrainians, which is allegedly preparing to rig the elections.