in Ile-de-France, migrants facing ever greater insecurity

    in Ile-de-France, migrants facing ever greater insecurity

    By Juliette Bénézit

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    ReportageSince the evacuations of camps in Saint-Denis and Place de la République, in Paris, in November, the exiles have found themselves in a situation of wandering, in total destitution. “Le Monde” was able to follow, during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, a marauding which comes to their aid.

    When we meet him on a freezing December evening, Mustafa wears a thin sweatshirt on his back. He pulled the cords of his sweater tight around his neck to face the wet wind that gripped the body and stiffened the muscles. At his feet, two plastic bags allow a glimpse of a modest survival kit where a few spare items are stored. This 22-year-old Sudanese man, who fled the civil war in his country, swallows a plaster of rice served by the collective Solidarité migrants Wilson, in the 19e district of Paris. He tells : “Every night we walk. Towards Saint-Denis, Gare de l’Est… ”. His traveling companion, Abakar, a 27-year-old Sudanese man, continues: “We have no place to sleep. No tent, no blanket. From one in the morning, it gets really cold. “

    Further on, Moussa, 23, squats a piece of the sidewalk close to the ring road. With three Afghan comrades, he prepares to travel north of Paris in the hope of finding a decent base for the night. Annoyed, Moussa cowardly: ” I am sick. Many of us have body problems ”. The young man – who has applied for asylum in France – takes a green file from his bag. He pulls a document from the Bichat hospital indicating that he suffers from pneumonia. “And I’m outside …, he is indignant. If you saw where we sleep, you would cry it’s so dirty ”.

    in Ile-de-France, migrants facing ever greater insecurity

    Volunteers from the Utopia association marauding in the north of Paris, on the night of Wednesday, December 23 to Thursday. CAMILLE MILLERAND / DIVERGENCE FOR “THE WORLD”

    A group of 33 associations (including Médecins du Monde, Médecins Sans Frontières, La Cimade, Action contre la Faim, Emmaüs and Secours Catholique), approached the Defender of Rights, Claire Hédon, in November, on the situation of people migrants in Paris and Ile-de-France. Since 2015, the region has indeed been under tension: the territory concentrates 50% of asylum requests for 19% of accommodation places. Only 30% of people who initiate procedures to obtain refugee status are supported in the national reception system, according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior. Result: the camps follow one another, in increasingly precarious conditions.

    “A policy of invisibilization”

    In recent weeks, the tension has escalated. On November 17, some 3,000 migrants were taken to safety after the evacuation of a camp set up in Saint-Denis; badly calibrated, the operation left between 500 and 1,000 people on the floor. Several hundred exiles found themselves in a situation of wandering, in total destitution. On November 23, at the initiative of the Utopia 56 association, a camp was set up in the heart of Paris, on the Place de la République. About 500 Afghans have called for emergency shelter solutions. The same evening, the square was violently evacuated, the images of the operation “Shocking” up to the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin. The following weeks, the State mobilized 604 additional places and organized shelters over the water. At the moment, between 200 and 300 migrants are said to be out; a figure that includes new arrivals.

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