In India, the 50-year-old man stuck in the body of 5-year-old boy

In fact, he was already 50 years old, but his height is only 73 years

В Індії 50-річний чоловік застряг у тілі 5-річного хлопчика

A resident of India named Lal Basore can be easily confused with a small child, reports Rus.Media.

The man’s body stopped growing since he was a little boy.

Basori Lal is very famous person in his district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, in order to see it, here comes a lot of people.

Now everyone in the neighborhood respected him, although in his youth he had to endure frequent ridicule. Growth Basori stopped when he was five years old.

Basore family was poor and they did not have the opportunity to take your child to the doctor when they noticed he stopped growing. Even now no one knows the exact medical diagnosis Basori.

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