In India, the fines rain down upon for not wearing the mask

En Inde, les amendes pleuvent pour non port du masque

NEW DELHI | Since he was able to return to work there was more than a month, Munish Tiwari, a driver of VTC india, has already been sentenced to two fines of 500 rupees (9 $) for non-compliance of the mandatory wearing of the mask.

“This is not comfortable, and I can’t breathe when I wear it,” explains AFP the person from New Delhi, who has lost the income of a working day in fines.

“Do I have to wear when there are passengers, but as soon as the doors close and they are gone, I take it off normally. I am an easy prey for the police.”

The epidemic of coronavirus is currently raging in India, which currently has 23 727 dead on 906 752 reported cases of the disease COVID-19. The experts believe that the peak of the epidemic is still not reached in the second most populated nation on the planet, where the numbers climb quickly.

In this context of a health crisis, the government imposes the wearing of masks in the public space, in transport and at work. If the measure seems to be generally respected in the larger cities, many Indians, however, relate their uncomfortable mask in a baroque manner, while the ear, slipped under the nose or chin.


Since march, the Delhi police has distributed more than 42 000 fines for non-wearing of masks or non-compliance of the distancing physical. Across India, the police have collected hundreds of thousands of euros in fines, which range from 200 rupees to Bangalore (3,6 $) to 1,000 rupees (us $ 18) to Bombay.

Fines for non-compliance with health-protection measures amounted to nearly $ 180,000 a month in the city of Bangalore (south), announced on Twitter this week the local police chief, Hemant scientists at the nimbalkar.

“We are not proud of this feat”, he commented, calling on the inhabitants to respect the regulations intended to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

In a recent address televised to the nation, prime minister Narendra Modi has blasted the “negligence” of a party of his fellow-citizens in the face of the virus and was told not to relax their vigilance.

In the city of Firozabad (north), the offenders in the port of the mask doesn écopent no fine, but must follow a course of four hours on detachment and physical copy it 500 times “A mask must be worn”.

In a street of Hyderabad, the AFP has met the professor Sunitha Michael wearing his mask under the chin, a thong stuck between her teeth. To be able to talk on the phone, she explained.

“Frankly, I hate having to wear a mask, because it is painful, but I have to abide by the rules,” she testified.

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