In India, the monkey stole and killed the child

The monkey stole the baby in an Indian village and drowned her in the well.

У Індії мавпа вкрала і вбила дитину

In the Indian village Banks, state Orissa, the monkey stole the baby and drowned her in the well. This publication reports the South China Morning Post, reports Rus.Media.

The mother of the child claims that broke in rhesus monkeys grabbed the newborn, who slept under a mosquito net. Then the animal quickly climbed onto the roof and disappeared from view. Parents tried to find a missing child, but to no avail.

The next day another villager noticed the body of a newborn in the well. The autopsy showed that he drowned. Relatives believe that the monkey accidentally dropped it in the water. To find the animal that caused the death of the child, have not yet succeeded.

“Monkeys are quite often attack people or get into the house in search of food, but this is the first case when one of them escaped with the baby,” said a police spokesman.

Macaque-rhesus is the most widely distributed species of primates. They are found in the North of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Afghanistan, Vietnam and southern China. Typically, adult males of rhesus weigh about eight pounds. The Indians consider them sacred animals.

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