In Indonesia found unknown birds

В Индонезии нашли неизвестных науке птиц

“What is our life? Game!”В Индонезии нашли неизвестных науке птиц“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” Biologists from Trinity College Dublin have discovered two new bird species on the archipelago, Wakatobi (Indonesia). Birds called “white-eye, Wakatobi” and “white-eyed Vanga-Vanga”.

Genetic analysis showed that the first separated from their relatives on the mainland about 800 000 years ago. The second type is much more ancient, according to

The white-eye Vanga-Vanga only live on one small island, and their closest “relatives” live at the distance of three thousand kilometers from them.

Scientists did not know of their existence until recently, while scientific expedition didn’t reach the most remote areas of Indonesia.

It is noted that the nature of the Indonesian Islands (especially Sulawesi) is of great interest to scientists.

In the ancient deep ocean trench isolated them from other land masses, whereby there remained many unique endemic species.

Recently, there found 103 new species of the weevils. They got the original name: in honor of scientists, comic book characters (Asterix, Obelix and Idefix) and the characters of ancient Greek myths.

One beetle of green color was named in honor of master Yoda from “Star wars”.