In Indonesia some officials will replace artificial intelligence

В Индонезии некоторых чиновников заменят искусственным интеллектом

The President of Indonesia wants instead of some officials in the country worked for the neural network. To embody the idea into reality he is going in the next year.

В Индонезии некоторых чиновников заменят искусственным интеллектом

Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia, in order to reduce bureaucracy instructed to replace two of rank of civil servants artificial intelligence, inform

Media representatives he said that in Indonesia now, there are four grade civil servants. To replace the neural network is currently planning the third and fourth grades. To begin the process of introducing artificial intelligence in the government plan in 2020.

It is unknown how it will be used intelligent neural network in time of governance. The replacement of two levels of officials on AI still must be approved by the Parliament.

Add Joko Widodo has repeatedly stated that the future of technology. The President had previously announced plans to ramp up production of electric cars. However, he urges maximum use of raw materials of domestic production.

During his second term, Widodo also expects substantial foreign investment. In his view, the business climate to improve and attract investors after the implementation of the neural network in the civil service.

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