In Indonesia the police are looking for the Russians, who escaped after arrest

В Индонезии полиция ищет россиянина, сбежавшего после задержания

On the Indonesian island of Bali are searching for Russian law enforcement officers, suspected of smuggling drugs, the newspaper said

As noted, we are talking about a 36-year-old Andrey Spiridonov. The man was able to hide from the police after his arrest.

A Russian citizen was arrested a few days ago at the post office in Denpasar with a parcel from the Netherlands, in which were 200 g dimethyltryptamine (drug category triptamine). During the arrest he admitted that he delivered a prohibited substance. Spiridonova was sent to the police station and on Saturday, April 27, he escaped from custody.

The guards said that on the night detainee asked to let him go to the toilet. When the police heard from the bathroom a strange sound, they rushed into the room. Handcuffs on the hands and feet of the suspect was lying on the floor, and he escaped through the ventilation window.

Currently Spiridonov wanted. Police surveillance at ports and international airport of the island.