In Iran partially disabled and due to mass protests against rising fuel prices

В Иране частично отключили интернет и связь из-за массовых протестов против повышения цен на топливо

In Iran amid mass protests disconnected the Internet and mobile communications. Access to means of communication there is in most parts of the country.

Mass protests began on 15 November in several cities. The reason was the increase in the price of gasoline (about 13 cents per liter) and the restriction of the sale of the fuel. Authorities claim that the only way to solve the economic problems connected, including, with the US sanctions. According to Iranian media, the protests of November 16, covered at least 40 cities.

Iranian news agencies and users of social networks, noted that shares also heard anti-government slogans. In social networks was published video in which radical activists set fire to gas stations, buildings of financial institutions and engage in a fight with the police. By Reuters could not establish the authenticity of these videos and photos.

Iranian state television reported that the police used force and tear gas to disperse the protesters. During the demonstrations, according to official data, one person died. Activists have reported several of the victims. Dozens of protesters were injured.

Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei supported the decision to increase petrol prices and accused “enemies” of the Republic in “sabotage”.

Earlier in December 2017 – January 2018 in Iran there was a wave of mass protests due to the increase in the price of eggs and food in General. Then in clashes with Islamic revolutionary guard Corps killed dozens of people, hundreds were detained.

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