In Iraq, rockets fell on the base with the us military

В Ираке ракеты упали на базу с американскими военными

Five rockets fell on the Iraqi air base ain al-Assad, where us troops. The incident occurred in Anbar province, in Western Iraq. Information on casualties or damage at the present time.

The publication notes that senior us General mark Millie had visited the country the week before amid massive anti-government protests. Some experts believe that people’s performances, ongoing in the middle East, including in Iran, can give United States a chance to reduce the regional influence of Tehran. However, it is also noted that in another scenario, the mass protests have a chance to harm themselves and American interests.

Anyone who looks at popular protests in the middle East, should remember that we seldom have an idea on how they will go

– the newspaper quotes the Jon Alterman, an expert on the Middle East.

About who might be behind the shelling of a military base of ain al-Assad, not yet reported. It is noted that it probably is about the unguided rockets.

In Iraq are currently more than 5,000 American soldiers. Officially, Baghdad is opposed to any additional U.S. presence on its territory.

Iraq is not a record for the number of American troops. Much more of the US military take Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy and Britain.

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