In Iraq, the crowd of protesters executed a teenager

В Ираке толпа протестующих казнила подростка

In Iraq, protesters activists lynched a 16 year old teenager. The incident occurred in the center of Baghdad. The execution was watched by passers-by and police, but none of those present did not intervene and the protesters in the face of militiamen continued public murder.

The youngster, who turned 16 years shot at air from a pistol, to prevent attempts by protesters to enter his home. Activists pelted the building with Molotov cocktails, then broke into the home, struck the guy’s 17 stab wounds, after which he hung upside down at a traffic light and slit his throat.

On the death of a teenager, the locals built a spontaneous memorial. A surge of violence in Iraq occurred after government forces killed more than 400 protesters.

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