In Ireland, the drone has found a new “Stonehenge”: videofact

В Ірландії дрон виявив новий "Стоунхендж": відеофакт

The outline of the circle appeared on a farmer’s field because of a severe drought. Age of construction – about 5 thousand years.

In Ireland for a drone was discovered traces of ancient buildings, which was not known previously. It is similar to ancient Stonehenge and its age is about five thousand years.

Because of the severe drought on a farmer’s field is manifested in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 150 meters.

According to experts, this building could accommodate up to several thousand people and was intended for ritual.

The building is a part of the archaeological complex of BRU-na-Boyne, situated in the valley of the river Boyne, 40 kilometers from Dublin. Hanga in addition, the complex will also include menhirs and burial mounds.

However, excavations of buildings to not plan, because it is located on private property.

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