In Israel for the first time, Ministers will choose a Parliament

В Израиле впервые министров будет выбирать парламент

To form a new government of Israel has instructed all members of the Knesset — the Israeli legislature. This right deputies received after attempts by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader benny Gantz were unsuccessful.

President Reuven Rivlin declared the speaker of the Knesset Julius Edelstein, the deputies may propose any candidates for the position of head of government. All treatments are allocated 21 days. If none of the candidates will not receive approval of a majority (61 votes) of the candidates, Israel will hold another election to the Knesset. They will be the third for the current year.

Speaking in Parliament, President Rivlin said

“This is a serious test for the state of Israel. In this 21 days you will not submit to their blocks and parties, you’ll have to answer to his conscience, you have to answer only one question: what is my debt to the state of Israel.”

It is noted that such precedents, when the right to form a government goes to the members of the Knesset in the history of the state of Israel was not.

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