In Italy for €1 sold 16 historic buildings

В Италии за €1 продали 16 исторических зданий

In the Italian town of Sambuca di Sicilia 16 abandoned buildings found their owners. It is noteworthy that the house was sold for a symbolic fee of one Euro, RIA “Novosti”.

It is noted that during the year the local municipality has received more than 100 thousand e-mails and phone calls from all over the world with questions about the property. This excitement was caused by the transmission channel, CNN Travel, which was dedicated to the initiative of local authorities.

But the starting price of one Euro is not all expenses incurred by the buyers. Bidders had to pay five thousand euros for their participation. The new owners also need to repair the house within three years. New tenants of this space will be the Argentines, the British, Americans, French and Chinese.

It is noted that one of the buyers of this home was the American Discovery channel. He settled here his reporter, who from here will be devoted to Sicily.

In addition, three years ago, Sambuca di Sicilia, where some five thousand inhabitants, was recognized as the most beautiful “Borgo” of Italy. It is a preserved ancient towns with narrow streets, ancient churches and the remains of fortifications.

Earlier it was reported that a similar initiative was made by the authorities of the Sicilian town of Mussomeli. New owners of houses are obliged during the year to carry out major repairs of the real estate. Otherwise it will be deprived of the security Deposit in the amount of approximately seven thousand euros.