In Italy, the postman, dissatisfied with his salary, for three years did not cause any letter

The postman who quit his job in Turin in 2017, three years have not delivered mail, because his salary, he said, was not high enough.

В Італії листоноша, незадоволений своєю зарплатою, за три роки не завдав жодного листа

The charge was filed after police found him at home 400 kg undeliverable mail. 33-year-old man attracted the attention of police during a routine traffic check. He was carrying a folding knife, and in the back seat of the car lay 70 sheets. The police, suspecting something was wrong, checked her husband’s home, where they found 40 boxes of undelivered mail accounts, private correspondence and Bank statements.

“I didn’t get paid enough, so I left,” the man explained.

Postal service Italy is very unreliable and slow, and it not the first similar case. In January in Vicenza was arrested 56-year-old man in the garage who was found half a ton of undeliverable mail, the very old correspondence Dating back to 2010. In 2013, it became known that a lazy postman in Sardinia for the past four years has delivered 400 kg of letters. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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