In Italy to open shelters for divorced men

В Италии открывают приюты для разведенных мужчин

Divorced Italian men left without a roof over their head, they will be for years after a divorce to live in an orphanage. This writes the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

According to statistics, in Italy in 60% of cases after a divorce, the house goes to the woman due to the fact that it is children and the Divorce Representative they tend to hire. Plus in 94% of cases men have to pay child support not only the child but the former spouse to ensure her standard of living to which she was accustomed during the marriage. In the end alimony can reach up to 1000-1500 euros per month. This amount unaffordable for many working men.

The result of divorced Italians increasingly are adjacent to the group of so-called new poor categories of the population, which, by its education, qualification and social status had never belonged to the lower layers.

Once in poverty, driven out by their wives on the street the Italians did not pay themselves rent. Many are forced to wander in friends or sleep in cars.

Therefore, in Italy, and began to open shelters. These institutions are already in all regions of the country. Available to homeless men transmit volunteers or Christian organization. There not only can they live throughout the year, but also receive free counseling.

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