In Italy, wild pigs looted a stash of cocaine in the amount of 22 thousand dollars

В Италии дикие свиньи разграбили тайник с кокаином на сумму 22 тысячи долларов

In the Italian region Tuscany a pack of wild pigs found and destroyed the cocaine, hidden drug gang in the woods.

A pack of animals, swarm the earth in search of food, dug up the drug package and opened it, Slusarev content neighborhood near Montepulciano. The value of the destroyed pigs of cocaine is estimated at 22 thousand dollars.

It is not known exactly how the drugs affected animals.

Meanwhile, the drug dealers discussed on the phone the destruction of the hiding place, and the police picked them up on the negotiations and have calculated the location of the four dealers. Two of them were arrested and taken to jail, and two placed under house arrest. Traders took cocaine in Perugia and sold an average of two pounds per month for the whole of Tuscany at a price of 90-120 dollars per gram.

Despite helping to expose criminals, wild pigs pose a serious threat in Italy and the USA. In these countries, their numbers increased significantly, they cause serious damage to crops.

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