In jail Kropiwnicki began a rebellion — the former head of the penitentiary service of Ukraine

В СИЗО Кропивницкого начался бунт — экс-глава пенитенциарной службы Украины

© RIA Novosti Maxim Blinov Former head of the State penitentiary service of Ukraine Sergey Starenky said about the riot in the remand prison in the city of Onward. About this he wrote on Facebook Tuesday, December 17.”One of the prisoners attacked a female psychologist and beat her (there is a suspicion that not only the beat). After that I started to encourage other prisoners to support him. Those came out of the cameras and expressed their disobedience, they made a mess… received information that the revolt continues. Under the control of the prisoners this morning two buildings. The staff took. The situation is not controlled by the administration,” said the Old man.Earlier it was reported about the unrest in southern correctional colony No. 51 in Odessa.

Media reported that the prisoners were protesting because of poor nutrition and inadequate living conditions.

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