In Japan figured out what to do with the stricken Fukushima nuclear accident

В Японии придумали, что делать с пострадавшей от ядерной аварии Фукусимой

The Japanese authorities decided to turn the Fukushima Prefecture, where the accident occurred at the plant, at the centre of renewable energy. In this area plan to build 11 solar and 10 wind power plants.

This writes the “high-Tech”.

The authorities plan to build 11 solar and 10 wind turbines on farmland that can no longer be processed, and in mountain areas where the population outflow continues.

It is expected that the total project cost will amount to 300 billion yen, or 2.75 billion. Waste is extended to March 2024.

The state development Bank of Japan and Mizuho Bank Bank, a private lender, part of a group of financiers who had prepared a line of credit to cover part of the cost of construction.

Available power generation is estimated at around 600 MW, it is equivalent to two-thirds of a nuclear power plant, which produces station. Electricity is mainly sent to Tokyo.

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