In Japan, there is the opportunity to hire someone who wipes tears

In Japan a new service for single women.

У Японії з&#039явилася можливість найняти чоловіка, який витирає сльози

It allows the fair sex to cope with stress. To do this, any woman can for getting rid of negative emotions to choose from a list of men needed, it will come to her and console, reports Rus.Media.

The new position will only accept men who possess outstanding appearance. Name of the profession “Cameco”, or “literately tears.” All employees of companies providing this service, true professionals. They pass courses of psychological training.

For a woman to obtain a male of the stator, it is necessary to call a specialized firm to choose a husband from a list of types – it can be romantic, a bully or a good guy.

Cost of such a plan is not very cheap. Women have to pay for a man about eight thousand yen, which is equivalent to 1800 hryvnia.

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