In July, is expected to lower prices for video cards

В июле ожидается снижение цен на видеокарты

Cryptocurrency miners are having less impact on the market of graphics cards, forcing technology companies to think about stimulating sales through lower prices on their products. According to sources, a Taiwanese web publication DigiTimes, next month, retail prices of graphics cards needs to fall by 20%, reports the website

One of the manufacturers who felt the demand for their financial performance was the company Gigabyte Technology. In the second quarter it managed to sell about one million graphics adapters, whereas in the period from January to March, they had sold 200 thousand more. The average selling price of graphics cards over the past three months has already reduced by 10%.

In addition, as noted Taiwanese counterparts, in the foreseeable future, the secondary market should be flooded with a wave of inexpensive “tools” from the mining farms that could adversely affect the timing of release of new generation graphics cards. At the moment in warehouses around the world there are several million new cards, the lion’s share of which is necessary to sell before the release of their successors.

Even Nvidia now has about a million GPUs this generation. And while stocks will not return to a safe level, the chip maker may postpone the announcement of next generation solutions. If the situation does not change, according to estimates from DigiTimes, the release of GPU produced by 12 – and 7-nanometer process technology at the facilities of TSMC, will be postponed to the last quarter.

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