In Kazakhstan killed one of the best skaters of the world

В Казахстане убили одного из лучших фигуристов мира

In Kazakhstan killed one of the best skaters in the world [photos, video]
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Denis Ten. Photo: TASS

Denis Ten tried to stop the thieves who wanted to remove the mirrors off his car.

In Alma-ATA killed 25-year-old Kazakhstani figure skater, bronze medalist of the Olympics in Sochi Denis ten. Writes July 19, thieves tried to Rob the car guy. He caught them at the scene, a scuffle ensued. Tena stabbed in the right thigh, the wound proved fatal.

Patient Denis Ten was taken by ambulance to the Central city clinical hospital, the preliminary diagnosis on admission: “Stab wound of the upper third of the right thigh. Damage to the femoral vessels. External bleeding,” according to the Department of health of the city.

The doctors fought for the life of tena for two hours. But the knife hit vital organs.

– Was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, in a state of clinical death. Was delivered by the ambulance. For more than two hours was carried out cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. All the efforts were focused on saving lives. But, unfortunately, death. Death was due to localization of injuries, which held the vital organs, – has explained the Deputy chief physician of Central clinical hospital Yerzhan Cottagein.

As reported in the police of Alma-ATA, criminals tried to remove from the machine tena mirror. Their identity is not yet established.

В Казахстане убили одного из лучших фигуристов мира

Denis tried to prevent the thieves to remove the mirror from his car. Photo:

The first and only

Ten played in singles. He is the winner of many Championships and competitions. At the time of death occupied the 34th place in the ranking of the International skating Union (ISU).

Denis Ten is the first and only athlete in the history of Kazakhstan, who won medals at the Olympic games (2014), world Championships (2013, 2015), continental championship (2015), winter Universiade (2017), winter Asian games (2011) and the stages of Grand Prix on figure skating. Ten was the youngest participant in the men’s event at the winter Olympics 2010. He was 16 years old.

After the Olympics in Sochi, many athletes felt that the tena sued, and that he had to win the gold. Support skater made Evgeni Plushenko, johnny Weir, Todd Eldredge. American journalist Monica Friedlander wrote a petition in which demanded to give Tena a second set of gold medals.

В Казахстане убили одного из лучших фигуристов мира

Denis Ten (extreme right) during the awards ceremony at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Photo: Wikipedia

В Казахстане убили одного из лучших фигуристов мира

Denis Ten during the execution of the item biellmann. Photo: Fiveprime

Ten was one of the few skaters-men, performing a biellmann spin. This is an element in which the skater rotates on one leg, raises a second behind and holding her two hands over the head for the blade. The athlete must be very flexible, so that the element succeeded, so it is most often performed by women.

In 2013 he produced the ice show “Denis Ten and Friends”, which was attended by world stars of figure skating – Aliona Savchenko, Elena Radionova, Vanessa James and Morgan the Sipr, Carolina Kostner.

Ten ethnic Korean. He is a descendant of the famous General Min Geun-Ho era of the Korean Empire.

Ten was fond of photography. He posed a well-known Kazakhstan actress and sportswoman.




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