In Kenya, a crocodile killed a nine year old boy

В Кении крокодил растерзал девятилетнего мальчика

In Kenya, a crocodile killed a nine year old boy. The incident occurred in the town of Homa Bay on lake Victoria, reports .

At the end of last week, a boy named Kennedy Ongaga the washed clothes on the Bank of the lake when he was attacked by a crocodile. He pulls the kid under the water. Witnesses rushed to help the boy, but they failed to get him ashore.

To search for the child was organized by a special operation. Local fishermen in the boats went to the lake. During the rescue operation occurred another tragedy. 23-year-old fisherman Anthony fell out of the boat. He tried to swim to shore, but was drowned.

The body of a fisherman and boy found two days later. Moreover, according to local residents, they nearly fell into the jaws of the same crocodile, which was swimming nearby.

The Kenyan authorities urged to establish a special boom near the lake to monitor the movement of crocodiles and other dangerous predators.

A similar case occurred earlier in Indonesia. The crocodile attacked the diver who went under water to fix the pipe. Man could not be saved.