In Kharkiv metro train derailed

The underground is also reported that he had managed to restore traffic on the metro.

У метро Харкова поїзд зійшов з рейок

In Kharkov derailed the train station, which moved on the Saltovskiy line. This was reported by press Secretary of the Kharkiv metro Alex Bitner, informs Rus.Media.

The incident occurred on 1 February at 15:12, when combined with the above-mentioned subway lines had to stop. The cause of the forced stop of the movement were of a descent of a train station. Fortunately, in accident nobody suffered.

For security reasons it was decided to limit the entrance and exit of the metro station University.

“At some stations, where a large flow of people, employees of the metro could restrict entry. To avoid large crowds on the platforms and the people could go,” said Bitner.

In Kharkiv metro also announced that to resume the traffic on the metro line failed at 15:24.