In Kharkov, died in an accident 2 rider: published footage from the scene of the tragedy (VIDEO)

В Харькове в ДТП погибли 2 мотоциклиста: опубликованы кадры с места трагедии (ВИДЕО)

In Kharkov, on Tuesday, July 10, there was a terrible dorozhno-transport incident collided with a car brand Nissan Qashqai and 2 motor transport funds of the Suzuki brand. During the incident, the motorcycle riders killed and injured 38-year-old man who was behind the wheel of cars. Details of fatal road accidents released today, July 11, the press service of Ukraine in Kharkiv region.

The accident happened on the eve of about 19:45 on the roadway in the World. As it became known, there has faced the car brand Nissan Qashqai and 2 motorcycle brand Suzuki. As a result of road accident both men are 33 and 35 years, who were driving two-wheeled vehicles, died at the scene of the incident. It also indicates that the driver of Japanese cars – the 38-year-old Kharkiv citizen was injured in the right eye and was admitted to the hospital. By the way, in the car were a woman and 2 children. They were not injured.

In addition, in the course of technical accident damaged a parked car VAZ 2106.

Now upon the incident the investigators of Kharkiv opened a criminal case. The driver of the Nissan and arrested.

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