In Kiev, a woman 62 years of age, has won competition “Beauty without borders”

В Киеве женщина в 62 года выиграла конкурс "Красота без границ"

A beauty Queen can become a woman of retirement age – on the way to the coveted title those years and acquired forms is not a problem. Proved that participants of competition “Beauty without borders”, which took place over the weekend in Kiev. They are from 25 to 62.

Tamara Adulina never participated in beauty contests. The woman now 62 years old, but just a few years ago she discovered her talent as a top model.

“Girls, there is the phrase “life begins”. And what’s the difference, after any age after 40, after 50… I set myself very ambitious plans: I want to walk the catwalk not only in Ukraine but in Europe and America”, – says the participant of the beauty contest Tamara.

Everyday casual with a denim elements was the theme of the first output. Diana always dresses brightly, never leaves the house without jewelry, she always uses her aquarius ring every time. On the day of the contest for good luck took the amethyst.

“I think he will give me harmony, more philosophical look at the competition. Comfort me because amethyst is a calming mineral”, – said Dina Budina, another contestant.

Tatiana Mitrofanova, a mother of two children. On competition “Beauty without borders” learned from social networks. And decided to try their hand. Because of the low height not dreamed of walking the catwalk.

“I painted, I was surprised to see herself in the mirror. This competition actually helps to raise self-esteem” – said Tatiana.

Beauty contest “for anyone…” – the idea of Yulia Litvinova. Together with her friend she decided to help other women. To get rid of complexes and self-esteem. Decided 14 contestants.

“Ugly women there. We have participants – the simple girls and women of Ukraine. They are from 25 to 60 years. It is important for all women to participate. We give them the emotions that they remember afterwards a whole year”, – said Yulia Litvinova, organizer of the competition.

The narrow path of podium defile contestants in denim, and embroidered evening dresses. Symbolic crowns and bestow gifts of all the participants, but the title of the most beautiful Tamara gets Adalina.

“I wish all girls, women – go for it. It’s never too late”.

It should be noted that the age of contestants every year is increasing.

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