In Kiev have warned of the threat of U.S. sanctions because of the sale of “Motor Sich”

В Киеве предупредили об угрозе санкций США из-за продажи "Мотор Сич"

“You can be in completely absurd situations, when, for example, conventionally, the Chinese side together with “Ukroboronprom” received control over the enterprise, and the United States find evidence that the Chinese side is present in the supply chain “Helicopters of Russia” – and there will be completely Kafkaesque situation when “Ukroboronprom” together with “Motor Sich” will be in us anti-Russian sanctions,” – said Terentyev radio “NV”.According to him, in this extreme scenario, under the anti-Russian sanctions, in addition to “Ukroboronprom”, can also be provided to Ukrainian companies that Finance it, including the Ukrainian state-owned banks.”If the Ukrainian side is deliberately fair and square decides to abandon cooperation with the Chinese in this project, you certainly need to be decisions on the level of “Ukroboronprom”, and at the government level,” – said Terentyev.Earlier, the then US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton said in an interview with the Ukrainian Internet publication “European truth” that China is trying to integrate into the economy of countries around the world, including through the project “silk road” and through attractive investments. According to him, the US wants to warn their friends and partners about the risks that are Chinese investment. Before the visit of Bolton to Ukraine in August this year in the media there is unofficial information that one of its objectives is to prevent the acquisition of shares of “Motor Sich” Chinese companies.
Later, the Wall Street Journal citing sources reported that the founder of private military company Academi (formerly Blackwater) Erik Prince is considering the purchase of “Motor Sich”.”Motor Sich” – the enterprise in Kiev, which designs, manufactures, repairs and services aircraft gas turbine engines for aircraft and helicopters as well as industrial gas turbines. Production of “Motor Sich” are operated on airplanes and helicopters in 120 countries.

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