In Kiev region the shooting occurred: published by the state of emergency (VIDEO)

В Киевской области произошла стрельба: опубликовано первое видео с места ЧП (ВИДЕО)

In sofiivs’ka borshchahivka, Kyiv oblast, July 10, there was an assault.

“On line 102 the man called and reported that on the street Zarechnaya, 68, lies unknown with a gunshot wound to the leg,” reports “, Kiev operative” on the page in Facebook.

According to one version he wanted to buy a car, but the seller came with automatic weapons.

It is also noted that the buyer took all the money and fled in an unknown direction.

The police introduced the plan “Interception”, I worked at a place is investigative-task force.

Later the “Informant” said that the victim was around 30-35 years old, he wanted to buy Audi A6 of gray color.”Luckily, after some time after the incident, returned the master of the house 69A on the same street. Just at the gate of his house were discovered the blood. He arrived in a grey Audi A6 with the license plate SR 85670. And he, too, was a traumatic gun”, — stated in the message.

The weapon of the documents had not been, the police withdrew. Investigators interviewed the man and released.

As it became known later, the victim was 40-the summer inhabitant of Kiev who actually went to meet with the seller of the car. Information about the sale he found in the ad and the contact person was found near one of the subway stations, reported the press service of the National police of Kiev region.

“To explore the interest of his vehicle, the men went together to Sofievskaya Borschagovka. There the unknown began to demand from it money. Because of the physical resistance, the attackers fired several shots from a traumatic weapon, took $200 and fled”, ― militiamen explained.

It is noted that the life and health of the victim threatens nothing

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