In Kiev, the stars will appear outrageous from South Africa

In Kiev the first time, the flamboyant band from South Africa Die Antwoord

У Києві виступлять зірки епатажу із Південної Африки

Trio Die Antwoord was formed in South Africa Cape town. The group considers themselves to be members of the Zef counterculture. The participants consciously copying the style of, behaviour of the working class from the suburbs. The South African Zef slang — the usual, boring, old-fashioned, greedy, reports Rus.Media.

“It’s about people who are tuning your car, hung with gold. Our Zef is when you are poor, but cool, sexy, stylish. You really don’t care what other people think of you. We speak in music. We are what we wear, think, say,” says the singer of Die Antwoord Yolandi FSer.

Your music group will relate to the genres zef-rap and zef-rave.

“On the streets of a PAIR quite often you can hear a rave. This music is “hammer” from almost every car. Listening to the tracks Die Antwoord, you may find that it is the music of the car that drives past,” adds soloist Watcn Tudor Jones.

The South African press perceives the culture of the Zef as a parody of the white population of South Africa. And her vulgarity as a partial sense of shame for the revival in the country of the ideology of apartheid, racial segregation.

In Kiev, the speech of Die Antwoord will take place on 6th August in the club Stereo Plaza. Tickets will go on sale February 19.

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