In Kremenchug awarded guys who shot an old lady with a clothesline on the 7th floor

В Кременчуге наградили ребят, снявших старушку с бельевой веревки на 7 этаже

In Kremenchug awarded guys who shot an old lady with a clothesline on the 7th floor
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Young people helped to drag grandma into the apartment – who knows how much rope would survive. PHOTO: SSES in the Poltava region

For 93-year-old grandmother in the balcony almost ended in death.

In Kremenchug Poltava region the four friends had become heroes: the guys went late in the evening when I heard a loud sound and screams.

We walked a small company, it was already dark. I heard a strong blow, as if on metal. We looked up – a man hanging, – says “KP in Ukraine” 19-year-old Vadim Rodak.

For a couple of seconds before the old woman living on the 8th floor, somehow fell from his balcony – I say inadvertently. A fall from that height would have probably been fatal if the woman did not cling to the clothesline downstairs neighbors.

Almost immediately a man appeared from the apartment, grabbed her, his wife began to call loudly to the aid. We rushed all four of us on the 7th floor. Didn’t have time to think or fear: two shot the grandmother, two took. 5 minutes later rescuers arrived, followed soon. We lowered her down, she was in shock due to the fall, had nothing to say, very scared – just breathe, – said Vadim.

Local media Valentine Nedodelok, the hostess of the apartment on the 7th floor, said that her loud request for assistance did not respond none of the neighbors, just four guys who happened to be on the street. Gschs in Poltava region also praised the heroism of the boys and the courage of spouses, awarding them diplomas. The grandmother got off lightly: she was hospitalized in the 3-th city hospital where he was examined by doctors. The pensioner was diagnosed with blunt abdominal trauma and released home for outpatient treatment.


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