In Kyrgyzstan began preparations for census

PHOTO : President of Kyrgyzstan


In Kyrgyzstan are preparing for a large-scale census. Now experts collect data on the housing Fund and the capital buildings. What challenges were faced by scribes, tells the correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Zhaynagul Raimkulova.

The visit of unexpected visitors caught Attakora Bulekbaeva by surprise. The scribes came to him 10 years ago. In the questionnaire questions about the square footage of the house, number of rooms, and people residing in them.

“Do not be afraid. Go find out who lives, how many people who registered the home. I think, it is necessary that accounting was,” said a resident of Bishkek.

To be settled land, farm buildings and even shops that owners open to their homes. These data are necessary to determine the boundaries of residential areas, the assignment of numbering the houses and identify unnamed streets in the private sector.

In skyscrapers the scribes work harder. Many people at work, and someone just doesn’t want to open the door. To gather information in the neighborhood, you need twice the time and the scribes.

“The long walk. Each apartment knock. Are unable to the entrance to get it in the first place. As we get inside, knock. Someone there is someone there. Difficult,” – said the Registrar of housing Kubanychbek Kerimbekov.

Despite the fact that the data on buildings and constructions in Bishkek still collected, statisticians say, the housing stock in ten years has doubled. This census is part of a larger project. Next year count all people in the country.

“Our scribes are using the GDS data, maps, and geolocation data. All buildings that are not, they are to be recorded, and, of course, the number of buildings will increase significantly in the city. We know how much the city has assets in the form of housing,” – said the head of the Bishkek statistics Elmira Mambetalieva.

To collect the data will be for another two weeks. After processing the statistical Committee tell them how much you will need of census takers next spring.

The last time the census was conducted in Kyrgyzstan in 2009. According to her, the country’s population of 5 million 362 thousand 793 people. The number of inhabitants of the Republic takes last place among the countries of Central Asia.