In LNR accused Kiev in violation of the agreements “Norman summit”

В ЛНР обвинили Киев в нарушении договоренностей "нормандского саммита"

© RIA Novosti / stringerthe Statements of Kiev is contrary to the decisions of the “Norman Quartet” and could derail the agreement for the release of persons detained in connection with the conflict in the Donbass, said the head of the working group on exchange of prisoners in the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic Olga Kobzeva.As explained Kobzeva, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky December 10, the day after the summit in Paris, announced the phased release of the militias, “that has nothing to do with communiqué” adopted at the end of the meeting. According to Kobzeva, head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Vadim pristayko repeatedly commented on the decision, “Norman Quartet” contradict the reality.”The statement of the head of security service of Ukraine Bakanova about alleged difficulties in the preparation and holding of the exchange, and the need to exchange some “parallel courses” we regard as an attempt to avoid fulfilling the previously stated by the Ukrainian side in the negotiation process obligation to perform the cleaning procedure of people”, — said in a statement, the text of which is available to RIA Novosti.

Representative LNR urged Kiev to “stop to manipulate the minds of the public and to spread false information” and to make all efforts to “implement the solution “Norman meetings” and arrangements for the release and exchange of people on a “all installed on all installed”.
“From the LC, we reaffirm our full readiness to hold in accordance with the decisions of the summit “channel four” release and exchange of detained persons until the end of 2019,” she said.

Meeting in Paris

The first three years of the summit of leaders “channel four” — Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany — was held in Paris on 9 December. Following the meeting, leaders adopted a communiqué, which reaffirmed the commitment to the Minsk agreements.According to the document, by the end of March 2020 to be held dilution of the forces in the three new points on the line of contact in Donbas. In addition, the leaders “channel four” called for before the end of the year the cease-fire and exchange of prisoners by the formula “all for all”. The last exchange of detained persons was held in December 2017.

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