In London found the grave of a British man known as the elephant Man

В Лондоне нашли могилу британца, известного как Человек-слон

In the English capital was found the grave of Joseph Merrick, also known as the elephant Man, reports . The man died in 1890 at the age of 27 years.

The Merrick with five years had developed the deformity of skeleton and soft tissues. It had a huge head with irregular bone growths. Skeleton were also deformed, and the body was covered with spongy folds of skin.

Merrick was able to work only in the circus, where he got his nickname the elephant Man. After he was allocated a room at the Royal London hospital, where the study of its pathology was treated by scientists. There are still kept his bones.

However, biographer Joe vigor-Mungavin came to the conclusion that the soft tissue of Merrick was buried. Moreover, the time of death elephant Man coincided with the murders of Jack the Ripper, and the hospital was in Whitechapel, where there were some murders.

“When I thought about it, I began to view a record of the city of London cemetery, where are buried two victims of the Ripper. I decided to search in the span of eight weeks before and after his death, and there, on the second page, was Joseph Merrick,” – said vigor-Mungavin.

With 99% probability the tomb of the famous elephant man is a burial, dated 24 April 1890, 13 days after the death of Merrick. Authorities are considering the possibility of installing small plaques.

Recent research has shown that Merrick suffered from neurofibromatosis and Proteus syndrome, which, among other things, causes the unusual growth of the head, bones and skin.

His image has inspired playwrights, composers and Directors. A film by David Lynch “the elephant Man” with John hurt and Anthony Hopkins was nominated for eight Oscars.