In London in the triple accident killed 15 people and injured

В Лондоне в тройном ДТП погиб человек и 15 пострадали

In London there had been a triple a road traffic accident (RTA) with two buses, with the result that a man was killed and 15 people were injured. It is reported RBC-Ukraine, citing the BBC.

Reportedly, faced two buses and a car on Thursday at about 22:10 local time. The driver of the car was detained.

Although over the years, safety aspects of cars and automobiles have improved tremendously, car accidents are still quite common in each and very country. Research data proves that any given person will be involved at least once in an automobile accident in his lifetime. If you have been unfortunate to be involved in a car accident, then you need the help of a car accident lawsuits.

A point to be noted is that not every car accident will lead to litigation. There may be accidents where no one gets injured or the injuries sustained are minor. In these accidents, it is always possible to resolve any problems by getting your claim for medical care and car damage directly from the driver’s insurance company. It is when there are serious injuries or the damage to property is too great that a lawsuit happens.

Car accidents can happen for many reasons. The most common cause is the driver’s error. However, distractions, driving while intoxicated, bad weather, vehicle defects, road conditions and road design can also contribute to car accidents.

If you happen to get into a car accident and the case goes for litigation, there will always be two cars involved. One would be your car and the other would belong to the person with whom you had the accident. Either you and / or the other person would claim that the accident was caused because of negligent driving on the part of the other driver. At times, the lawsuit can involve a passenger accompanying you who would claim injury on account of your negligent driving.

Car accident lawsuits can also be against a government agency for not maintaining or designing a roadway or intersection properly. You can also file a car accident lawsuit against the manufacturer of the car for not designing the car or a part properly which lead to the car accident.

Ultimately, your lawyer would be the best suited to advice you on the type of car accident lawsuit and it would be in your best interest to follow his or her advice.

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