In London, launch into the sky “baby trump” (VIDEO)

В Лондоне в небо запустят «беби-Трампа» (ВИДЕО)

A large inflatable ball with a diameter of six meters, which will portray U.S. President Donald trump in the form of a baby will launch into the sky next to the British Parliament. Permission to run the ball given by the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, after you collect 10 thousand signatures of Britons under a petition, move the Facts.

The balloon launch will be held on July 13, in advance of a proposed visit of the American leader in the UK. At the same time, London will host a March of opponents of the American President “Stop Trump”. The mayor of the British capital confirmed that residents have the right to peaceful protests, but to start baby-trump they will require permission from the police and air traffic services.

Ball plan to consolidate in the square in front of Parliament, he’s not supposed to rise to a height of over 30 meters. It is noted that the relationship between the U.S. President and the mayor of London at the moment is very tense due to the fact that Sadiq Khan sharply about trump after his post on Twitter about the terrorist attacks in London.

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