In London on the banks of the Thames, threw the kit

В Лондоне на берег Темзы выбросило кита

London bridge Battersea found dead small whale.

В Лондоне на берег Темзы выбросило кита

On the banks of the Thames under the bridge Battersea passers-by found the body of a whale. It has been established that the mammal was the representative of the family of whales. Length of the deceased whale is about 10 meters, informs

London officials responded to the incident. Officials said that will contribute to the safe recovery of the mammal. Intend to do it before the end of the day.

Activists found out that the whale which washed up on the shore of the Thames, was not very adult fish, since whales of this species are able to grow up to 10 tons. From time to time, they are found in the waters of Britain. However, they are comfortable to live in colder regions.

The specialists are going to send the carcass of a whale on the opening of London zoo.

Help. Whales are one of two genera in the family plastikovyh whales. These animals are distinguished by the presence of 50 – 90 strips or folds, located in the lower part of the body. From baleen whales they differ by the presence of the dorsal fin and a shorter, but wide moustache.

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