In London, the engravings of William Blake appeared in the form of installations

В Лондоне гравюра Уильяма Блейка появилась в виде инсталляции

The engraving depicts God at the moment of creation.Engraving of William Blake’s “ancient of days”, which he finished a few days before his death in 1827, projected on the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Thus the Tate Britain gallery decided to honor the memory of the poet and artist, born 28 Nov.

William Blake was virtually unknown during his lifetime, his contemporaries saw him as an eccentric personality, but he is now considered an iconic artist of the romantic era, ahead of his time. Blake also illustrated the poem by John Milton’s Paradise Lost, the divine Comedy of Dante, and the biblical “Book of job”. In the XX century the work of Blake influenced many modernists and Surrealists.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, which the artist mentioned in his works, was an important place. Curator Martin myrone said that Blake wanted to see their work on the walls of churches: “This is the moment when the dream of Blake to become an artist, do affect society.”

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