in Lyon, the opposition wind up against a majority vote

    in Lyon, the opposition wind up against a majority vote

    Source: Emma Rodot Municipal Council of the City of Lyon, July 30, 2020

    “Decision disconnected from reality”, “pure dogmatism”, “we are shocked by the method”, the opposition strongly mocked in Lyon the choice of the environmental majority to limit the number of openings for businesses to 7. Sunday in 2021. Against 12 in 2020. Decryption.

    Dogmatism is on the other side“, breathes Camille Augey, Deputy Mayor of Lyon delegated to employment and sustainable economy, by inducting Thursday in the municipal council a deliberation which, she knows, will be debated. Which one? A deliberation which plans to limit to 7 the number of Sunday openings for shops for the year 2021. Against 12 in 2020.

    “It is a measure of equity between small businesses which do not have the financial and human means to open 12 Sundays, and the large brands. It is really this question of equity to preserve the fabric of small independent shops and small brands that prompted us to take this measure, explains the assistant. This measure is in favor of local commerce. Open on Sundays is less profitable

    “A decision disconnected from reality”

    Camille Augey also relies on a survey to justify this choice: “we have chosen to solicit the opinions of traders through a survey. The results of this survey were very instructive: half of the businesses questioned declared that they had never opened in 2020 on the 12 authorized Sundays, only 8% declared that they were open on 12 Sundays. Why don’t they open? To preserve their family life (54%), because the opening is not profitable (49%), because the management of employees is too complex (30%)“.

    A deliberation strongly contested by the opposition. “It’s a decision disconnected from reality“, castigates Béatrice Galliout, the former mayor of the 5th arrondissement, of the progressive and republican group (of the former mayor of Lyon Georges Képénékian). We ask you to leave the freedom to our traders to be able to open when they consider it appropriate to do so.“.

    A hotly contested poll

    The survey commissioned by the municipality is also debating. “The survey numbers presented are very low. Most of the traders we contacted were not informed of this process. What is the value of a simple survey of which we do not know the methodology?“asks the former mayor of the 5th district.

    There were 124 responses, which may not seem like a lot, concedes Camille Augey Thursday to the press. But that remains for a survey made among traders a fairly large volume of responses

    Anne-Sophie Condemine, centrist councilor of the 2nd arrondissement, of the Pour Lyon group (of the former mayor Gérard Collomb), denounces a “a so-called poll“. “We dispute the content and the form“, continues Béatrice De Montille, right-hand councilor of the 3rd arrondissement. We did not have access to either the questions asked or the sample surveyed, just an extract from this survey, thus disregarding the right of elected officials to communicate. The law does not allow you to probe as you wish, there is a framework to respect. 124 responses, which represents 3.15% of Lyon traders, is a very unrepresentative sample “.

    “We don’t want a society that favors the consumer over the citizen”

    Anne-Sophie Condemine regrets the “pure dogmatism“of the majority.”Mr Mayor, we know 2021 will be tough anyway, so give traders the choice to open or not to open on Sunday but let them decide“, insists the former assistant.

    The traders demonstrated 4 Mondays in a row by the thousands in front of your windows, with elected representatives of your majority by their side, the same who the next day in committee shared this gruesome deliberation“rebels Béatrice De Montille.

    On the left, unanimity in favor of this deliberation. Of all groups. Of the whole majority. “This debate is very ideological. Promoting the generalization of Sunday work also means favoring the destruction of social ties in modest circles. We don’t want a society that favors the consumer over the citizen“, insists Sandrine Runel, Socialist Assistant for Solidarity and Social Inclusion. A majority decision also widely welcomed by the Lyon group in common, the group of Nathalie Perrin-Gilbert.

    No fracture in the majority in the city of Lyon

    The right has tabled three amendments, notably to “add” opening Sundays. The right also obtained a public ballot for roll call. All the right and the Collomb group voted for the amendments. But they did not succeed in dividing the majority, which is a large majority in the Lyon city council (50 seats out of 73)

    I remind the Lyon right that we are not at the Métropole de Lyon“, quipped Sandrine Runel, referring to the public vote Tuesday in the Metropolis on a deliberation around the OL Arena in Décines which had fractured the environmental majority (read here).

    Finally, the deliberation aiming to limit the number of openings for businesses on Sundays to 7 in 2021 was voted by 46 votes in favor and 21 against. The 21 votes against coming from the groups of the right, that of Gérard Collomb and that of Georges Képénékian.

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