In Madagascar, the army book at home-a potion free is supposed to protect the COVID-19

À Madagascar, l’armée livre à domicile une potion gratuite censée protéger de la COVID-19

Military malagasy, in uniform, but without weapons, are going door-to-door in the streets of the capital Antananarivo. In the program: free distribution to residents, dumbfounded, but delighted, tea praised by the president of madagascar Andry Rajoelina to fight against the new coronavirus.

This drink, designed by the Institute of malagasy applied research (imran killed each other), is made with wormwood, a plant with proven efficacy against malaria.

“We’ve done tests, two people are now cured by this treatment,” said in the beginning of the week Mr Rajoelina. “This tea gives results in seven days (…). We can change the history of the world “, he launched.

Tuesday, it was the turn of the military to defend on a plateau of the national television of the drink, giving him this time of qualities, not of healing, but prevention.

“There is no medicine, remedy direct against the coronavirus,” said a doctor from the army, colonel Willy Ratovondrainy. “But the only solution so far is the strengthening of immunity. And this traditional medicine strengthens the immune system “, he insisted.

Its effectiveness against the COVID-19 has not yet been the object of any scientific study published.

And the world health Organization (WHO) recalled that there was currently “no evidence that current medication can prevent or cure the disease,” recognizing, however, that ” traditional remedies (…) can relieve symptoms of the COVID-19 “.

In Madagascar, a very poor country in the Indian ocean, the population is treated regularly with herbal, welcomed with open arms the distribution unexpected and free of the herbal tea ” Covid-Organics “.

“We look forward to taking since that one saw on television the president Rajoelina drink,” explains Jean-Louis Rakotonandrasana, 58-year-old shooter cart, after having received seven sachets of herbal tea.

– Is forbidden to pregnant women -” I think it’s great that this is the drug which comes to the people and not the reverse “, also appreciates Dominique Rabefarihy, the mother of the family, before repeating the instructions given by the military.

“One sachet to four litres of water, to take two glasses per day for an adult, and a drink for the children. It is forbidden for pregnant women. ”

The presence of the military does not seem to disturb in addition to measurement Dominique Rabefarihy. “On the contrary, I am reassured that the army cares about my health and my family’s safety. ”

With the distribution of this traditional medicine, the objective displayed by the malagasy authorities is to ” protect the population through awareness against the virus and strengthen her immune system.”

“We strongly recommend the intake of this herbal tea herbal “, they argue, while the country has 121 cases of contamination have been confirmed, but no deaths.

Distribution in schools

The operation herbal tea launched this week and that should last several days is conducted on the whole territory, with a focus on regions where cases have been registered (Antananarivo, Fianarantsoa, and Toamasina), according to the presidency of madagascar.

In the capital city, the distribution points are fixed have also been put in place.

“Here, this is the version liquid ready-to-drink which is made available to everyone, at the rate of 33 cl per person,” says Rufin Rafanomezantsoa, a representative of the municipality of Antananaviro.

At the edge of a dusty road, the crowd, without observing the gestures barrier, to get the drink.

“As long as the WHO can not propose a cure for this disease, I am confident that the remedy proposed by the president Andry Rajoelina,” says in the queue Jean-Paul Rakotozafy, 72 years of age.

The distribution of tea coincides with the beginning of the déconfinement progressive of the three main cities of the country.

“This déconfinement is allowed, because it has found a solution against the coronavirus,” said, with composure, the president Rajoelina.

Dean of the faculty of medicine of Toamasina (east), Dr. Stéphane Ralandison pulls the alarm bell, warning of the methods “not good science” around this herbal tea that began to be distributed in the schools.

“Each parent is of course free not to allow her child to take “, explains the director of the office of the chairman, Lova Ranoramoro, but ” so far we have not had a refusal “.

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