In Magadan at the landfill found the body of missing girl

PHOTO : MIR / Nicholas kostyushin


The tragedy in Magadan. In a landfill found the body of four-year Milena Osipova. The girl a few days looking for the whole city. What happened, found out the correspondent of “MIR 24” Mikhail Pranovich.

The mother of the deceased girl Natalia, it seems, still does not believe that his own daughter will never see. The suspect, 65-year-old Alexander Stankov at this time standing right behind her. In the dock, not for the first time. The man was already judged. For murder and rape.

The guilt of Stanghow denies. Investigators describes in detail how he managed to lure gullible Milena home, after he strangled her and dumped the body in the trash chute.

Milena went missing on Sunday. In the morning, went with his elder brother to play on the Playground. For lunch, never returned home.

“We have a window on the second floor we live, go immediately to the Playground. She left with his brother, seven years to him. Here they played with him. He had a Bicycle, and she, on the hill, the Playground is played. Then somewhere in the second hour I go to the window, call them to lunch. Say: “Rum, go home.” It is, and Milena already anywhere is not present”.

The girl searched the whole town for four days. The worst of it, in the death of a child, to believe the search engines refused to the last. Peers Milena assured: from the Playground she went with a boy-age to the river. Walked all the next forest and apartments in the neighborhood.

The body of four-year old girl found at the city dump. For the murder of a child Stagevu now faces a life sentence. To the entrance, where I used to live Milena, the townspeople as a sign of sympathy bear flowers. Someone even brought a doll, though, and play with her for no one.

The costs of the funeral will take city hall.